Welcome to the Cat Society of Bahrain and Pet Animals

The CSBPA is the official domestic registry of pet animals (cats and Dogs) in the Kingdom of Bahrain established 1996 with the full focus of its activities geared towards the appreciation of pet animals in Bahraini society.

Over the last 18 years, the CSBPA has been working towards creating sporting and friendly activities that benefit both pet animals and their owners. These activities include:

→  Registration of pure bred animals (open and closed systems)
→ Registration of all pet animals under the National registration system (pedigree &      non-pedigree)
→  Breed clubs
→  Cat and dog shows and competitions (at all levels)
→  Rehabilitation of pet animals programme
→  Debates and research into National breeds of the Gulf Region

We encourage the participation of all pet animals and their owners in our activities at the Cat Society of Bahrain and Pet Animals.