The National Registration Number system was launched in 2007 for the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is mainly a safeguard system for ownership identification of pets in Bahrain. Please register and if possible also attach a photo of your pet. All owner and animal details will not be made available to any third party except to the Ministry of Agriculture and Municipalities.Register Now

The Canine Association pure bred dog registry is a closed register, i. e will only hold the registration details of dogs with accredited overseas export pedigrees or Bahraini registered dogs with more than 3 generation behind them. The registration system starts with BCR (Bahrain Closed Registration) and then will be followed by a special numbering system. Register Now

Note: The fees for issuing all certificates is BHD 5/-.

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This system is for dogs that do not have all their proper paperwork in the case of documents being lost or that the previous owners have sold the dog with the wrong documents.

These set out the conditions for the registration of dogs including:

→  Recognition and classification of breed by 3 Accredited        professional dog judges

→    The register and the registration of the dog

→    To be given a Kennel Name

→  Transfers, endorsements, leases, imports and exports         documents

→    Setting of registry fees

Dogs that have completed the requirements of their entry into the open registration system will have a registration system starting with BPOR(Bahrain Provisional Open registration) and then this will be followed by a special numbering system. All dogs that complete 3 generations of being registered by the Canine Association of Bahrain will then be transferred after the final decision of the Executive Committee to the closed system. Register Now

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1. Register of Kennel Names.

2. The CSBPA shall maintain a register of Kennel Names.

3. A Kennel Name is an exclusive word which must form part of the name of every dog.

4. Every registered owner or part owner of a Kennel Name must be a current financial member of the CSBPA .

5. Every member applying to register a Litter must be the registered owner of a Kennel Name.

6. A Kennel Name can be used as a suffix (at the end) or a prefix (at the beginning) of a dogs name.

7. A Kennel Name once registered can be used for any breed.

8. In some overseas Canine Controls a Kennel Name is known as a "Prefix".

9. Application for Kennel Name.

10. The application must be on the appropriate form and contain no less than six genuine alternatives.

11. A Kennel Name must consist of one word only and must have no more than 12 letters. No hyphens, apostrophes or numbers (including Roman Numerals) will be accepted as a Kennel Name.

12. A Kennel name can be transferred by all the current registered owners agreeing in writing to such transfer.

Renewal of Kennel Name.

13. A Kennel Name is renewable annually. If not renewed the registration shall lapse. A lapsed Kennel Name cannot be used as part of the name of a dog.

14. A Kennel Name may be cancelled by all the registered owners requesting in writing that it be cancelled. A cancelled Kennel Name can be used as part of the name of a dog.

15. A former registered owner of a Kennel Name whose registration has lapsed can apply for the re-issue of that Kennel Name which shall be granted if the Kennel Name has not been reallocated.

16. A lapsed Kennel Name that has not been cancelled can be reallocated after a period of fifteen years since it lapsed for use in the same breed or, after a period of seven year for use in any other breed.

17. A Kennel Name registered before 1997 not subsequently transferred in whole or part to any new owner(s), is owned perpetually, automatically renewed annually and may be cancelled only by:-

(a) The death of the owner(s)

(b) Life disqualification of the owner(s)

(c) The expiration of 25 years after the last use of the kennel name or the last renewal of membership by the owner(s).

18. Joint Kennel Names.

19. Joint ownership of a Kennel Name is limited to four persons.

20. When a Kennel Name is owned jointly then all or any joint owner or owners may register any dog using the Kennel Name as part of the name of such dog.

21. If at the date of renewal of a joint Kennel Name any of the proprietors of the joint Kennel Name are no longer financial members of the CSBPA then the Kennel Name cannot be renewed in that joint ownership. The remaining owner(s) who are financial members of the CSBPA may apply for a transfer of the Kennel Name into their name(s). This can be actioned without the signature of the former member(s).

22. Any such Kennel Name shall be renewed only up to the expiry date of the membership of the remaining owner(s).

Note: The fees for all certificates is BHD 5/-.

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