Sponsor Me Program

Here at the CSBPA we understand that along with the fun and laughter that comes with owning a pet, comes a huge range of responsibilities!!

For dogs you have house training, lead training, please-don’t-chew-the-sofas training, understanding their diets, keeping on track with their injections, and making sure they get over their obsession with chasing the neighbours cat, and that’s before you account for the time you just play with them, walk them, and cuddle them.

We also understand that many people just aren't able to cover all these areas and adopt an animal, whether it’s because they don’t have the time, the space or they have a child with allergies, all reasons why the CSBPA has so many animals waiting to be homed.

At our rescue center alone we have up to 150 animals at any one time, and as well as ensuring they are all given a good run around and a couple of cuddles every day, they all have to be fed, groomed, up to date with injections, etc etc, and all these things need funding.

Therefore, the CSBPA has come up with a way to cover all bases...

a way for you to enjoy a walk on the beach with an enthusiastic dog for company

a way for you to cuddle up to a cat when the world seems a little insane that day

and a way for them to be properly looked after when you aren’t there…

Sponsor-Me Programme!!!

Launched on Sunday 1st Feb 09, you can now give back to the animals through our sponsorship programme for individuals.

For either BD10 or BD40 per month, you can sponsor a specific animal that has captured your heart, or we can pick one of our fabulous rescue center residents for you!

Come visit your little friend at the rescue center whenever you can, take your dog for a walk or cuddle your kitty for hours, whatever takes your fancy, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that when you leave they are still being cared for, financially as well as emotionally.

Call Tony the Dogfather now on 3962-9889 for more info


Sponsor - Me Programme
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